Amersfoort zoo

If you come to the zoo at Amersfoort, you will experience a day full of animals and adventure. You hear, see and feel everything during your visit.

Unexpected encounters
Do you hear the dinosaurs roar from afar? In the DinoBos live 75 lifelike dinosaurs of which several roar or move! Also the various monkeys, lions and impressive elephants sometimes make themselves heard. If you visit the area ‘Night’, you can unexpectedly encounter nocturnal animals.

From very close
At the zoo Amersfoort you can see all animals from very close. There is often nothing more than a glass wall between you and the animals. The long giraffes on the Savannah stand at the same height and therefor you can look straight into their big eyes. In the City of Antiquity you can see crocodiles, baboons and the impressive tigers.

Route: dierenpark Amersfoort