Amersfoort zoo

If you come to the zoo at Amersfoort, you will experience a day full of animals and adventure. You hear, see and feel everything during your visit.

Unexpected encounters
Do you hear the dinosaurs roar from afar? In the DinoBos live 75 lifelike dinosaurs of which several roar or move! Also the various monkeys, lions and impressive elephants sometimes make themselves heard. If you visit the area ‘Night’, you can unexpectedly encounter nocturnal animals.

From very close
At the zoo Amersfoort you can see all animals from very close. There is often nothing more than a glass wall between you and the animals. The long giraffes on the Savannah stand at the same height and therefor you can look straight into their big eyes. In the City of Antiquity you can see crocodiles, baboons and the impressive tigers.

Route: dierenpark Amersfoort


Go to one of the beautiful museums, or take a cruise on the canals. It is best to park at a car park on the outskirts of the city. One of these car parks is called ‘The Transferium’. At ‘the Transferium’ you can park for €8 all day. For the whole family, a free return on public transport to the city center (up to a maximum of 5 people) is included in this price.

Tariff Public transport
To travel further to the center, you must buy a P + R GVB card at the blue vending machines (1 per person, maximum 5 pieces per car). You can also travel further with your own public transport chip card.
A P + R GVB card for max 1-2 persons costs € 5.00, for each person more (up to max. 5 persons per car) € 0.90 per person extra. You can pay by debit card and credit card.

PS: Upon return, it will be checked whether your last check-in has taken place on the return trip to the P + R location in the central area. If your last check-in was at a public transport stop outside the center area, you pay the ‘normal’ parking fee

Route: Transferium

Apenheul primate park

The Apenheul primate park is a specialized zoo on the outskirts of the city of Apeldoorn. The garden is located in the middle of the nature park ‘Berg en Bos’. Apenheul opened with primates at large in 1971. This was soon to be followed by great apes living on cleverly designed islands. This was revolutionary for man and animal alike.. Visitors can meet the primates directly, living in a natural environment where they can be themselves.

Route: Apenheul

Climbing park

In the forest of Ermelo there is a climbing park in the trees. The climbing park has six spectacular routes with in total 60 obstacles. The climbing park stands for an active and adventurous day out for the whole family. It is only fifteen minutes away by car. With the bike there is a very beautiful route through the woods. In Apeldoorn is an even larger site to climb in the forest.

website: Climbing park Ermelo
website: Climbing park Apeldoorn
Travel directions: Klimbos Ermelo
Travel directions: Klimbos Apeldoorn

Dolphinarium Harderwijk

In Dolphinarium Harderwijk there are many spectacular shows and shows that you can enjoy. These shows are performed by sea lions, walruses and of course dolphins. Through these shows, the Dolphinarium has become very famous. Every child receives a free animal passport upon arrival and you learn a lot about animals in a playful and inactive way. On the grounds of Dolfinarium four playgrounds can be found. All playgrounds are suitable for children from 4 years.

Route:Dolphinarium Harderwijk

Flower auction Aalsmeer

The flower auction at Aalsmeer is the largest trading centre for plants and flowers in the world. And it’s just a stone’s throw from Schiphol airport. This is the only place in the world where you can watch them in action!

Opening hours
The auction is open to visitors on:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 07:00 to 11:00 hrs
Thursday from 07:00 to 09:00 hrs
We advise you to start your visit as early as possible because in the early hours everything is in full activity.The earlier you come, the more you see!

The auction is closed to visitors on holidays and between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Self-guided tour
From the Visitor Centre, walk across a gallery through the auction complex. At the end of the bridge, you arrive at the auction room where dealers buy at the clock.
As you walk around, you’ll find information panels which explain – in four languages – the auction process and the activities you’ll be watching. There’s no need to sign up for this tour in advance.

Route: Flower auction


Giethoorn is called ‘The Venice from the North’ because of the canals. Giethoorn is a beautiful village with authentic farms and canals. With the help of a whisper boat you can make a nice trip through the village and the surroundings. Giethoorn is one hour drive from Harderwijk. We find ourselves Belt Schutsloot even more beautiful and it is for certain a lot less touristy. In Belt Schutsloot, you also can rent a whispering boat. Pay attention! reserve at least 1 day in advance, otherwise they are certainly already rented out during high season.

Route: Giethoorn
Route: Belt Schutsloot